Mock Ups of Website

This was one of the first designs I made for my website layout. I made the tree in Adobe Illustrator and I really liked it so I was trying to incorporate that into my layout…to no avail. I didn’t use this layout because I just didn’t like how it looked. The background scenery is kind of pretty but not for a blog website and the colorful tree (which I was going to clean up) would have been too loud in regard to the projects I would post.

This is the second website design I created that I decided wouldn’t work. I was still trying to incorporate the tree into the layout, but this time just using the roots. I liked it a lot but in critique everyone agreed that it would be too much for a blog site and it would probably be very difficult to code into css. So I scrapped this design and moved onto my final one.

This is my final draft for my website design. I decided to go with a much less flashy look so that the website didn’t take attention away from what I’m actually trying to show.


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