It’s finished!! Finally up and running!! After a long time of working on this site I’m extremely proud of the way it turned out. I think I really have a great grasp on how to work DreamWeaver!

The links all work! The content is all originally created and 100% mine! And the layout doesn’t drive me insane!

Click the link under the picture and take a look at it for yourself!!


Final Draft of Website

This is the final draft of my Typeface Anatomy website!! As you can tell by comparing it to the first draft, I’ve made quite a few changes.

Firstly I changed the entire color scheme! I went from blue to green and I am much happier with this one. I think the shade of the green I chose is really interesting and I like how it meshes with the grey in the background a lot.

I also changed the entire layout of the site. Instead of having a sidebar on the left including a spry menu bar, I now have a horizontal spry menu bar on top and just a singular column for text. I think that this layout gives the website a much nicer and professional feel.


First Draft of Final Website


This is the “about” page of my first draft for my website! To be honest, I’m not very thrilled with it.

I like the color scheme a lot but I think the layout needs a lot of work. I have a spry menu bar in the left sidebar but something about it just doesn’t sit right with me. Also the layout of the content box gives the site a weird feeling in my opinion.


Site Map

This is the site map I made for the creation of my Typeface Anatomy website.

A few critiques I received during class were that the titles of my navigation tabs were far too long, so I changed them to “about” “history” “general” “strokes” and “counters.”

Another critique I received was that splash pages, as fun as I find them, are not always the best thing to have in a website…so I scrapped that idea.

Other than that I thought that the site map really helped me lay out everything for my website and made creating the pages a lot easier.


Mood Board for Final Site

This is the mood board for my final website in Dreamweaver!

My topic is Typeface Anatomy and I thought it would be really cool to have some images mixing type with actual anatomy parts like the examples in the pictures.

I tried to make the title look like it does in the image of the “S” with the bone in it…but it didn’t work out so well.

I wanted a clear big font for the title so I experimented a little using FontBook on the computer.

I also used Kuler Adobe to come up with some color palettes.

The images of words with sections of the letters selected is what I’m going to try and do when it comes to the definitions of the words.