Scenes from a Marriage

For Module 3, I picked Scenes from a Marriage to write about! I really liked how the creators designed the animation and how they used relatively simplistic shapes to create their characters while still getting the message clearly across as to what is being depicted. I also really liked how they changed from scene to scene! The transitions throughout the entire short were very cool! Either things would move in and out of screen, creating new scenery right before the viewers eyes or things would get larger or smaller and it was just a very cool way of changing between different parts in the story! I think that that was very creative and made the video have a cool feel about it and I would love to try and work that into my own animated short. I also really liked the story line of the animation. I thought it was very cute and clever and the voice overs in the background of the story narrating the entire thing really made the story very successful.

Scenes from a Marriage


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