Three animation with characters!

TARBOY is actually a really awesome flash animation! I really like the cut scenes throughout the movie and I love the soundtrack and storyline. But above all, I LOVE the characters and their unique style. I like the differences between the characters in real life and the ones within the story being told (within the story). Also what’s really cool is that there’s an animation showing how TARBOY was created! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7qrNQwCcVo&feature=related


I really liked this one because of the impact it has even though it is such a short movie. The characters were awesome, in my opinion. The differences between the two show such diversity within their own specific character even though neither one of them ever speaks a word.


So although this may not be completely appropriate…I’ll still use it! I think the storyline is pretty stupid but the characters are much different than the ones in my other links. These characters are much more immaturely drawn. In the sense that the characters from the other two shorts look much more professional and more finished. I still like the style though, and it shows diversity among creating characters.



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