Kinetic Typography

This really isn’t a “poem” but I really love the movement of all the words in this video. Personally, when the words move in ways that make it seem like the screen itself is moving, it adds a whole additional level of interest for the movie. Not only does it make the story seem more interesting, but it make it seem like it flows better too! I think it’s extremely effective in it’s implication because of how absolutely clever it is. It’s all about language and how it’s used and I love how it’s all laid out in such a way that in the end (sorry if this spoils the movie) the entire script of the movie spells out the word “language.” I really think that this is very clever and I’m a big fan of the overall concept as well as how the creator used positioning throughout the entire movie.


This clip is kinetic typography from a sound clip from the movie “The Dark Knight.” I like it a lot because of how the words are positioned and animated (much like in the other video) but I also like this one because of how the creator uses other forms of animation besides just the words. For examples, when the word “gun powder” is said, a fuse is animated leading from one word into the next. I think that that is very clever since even though it is obviously relevant to the script, it is an object of focus for the viewer but it is still subtle enough not to completely take away from the words. I think that this is also a successful animation of type because of it’s clean and clear flow and how it keeps the viewer interested in what is being said throughout the entire movie by using more than just the words to animate it.


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