Moodboard and Storyboard!

This is my moodboard…it doesn’t seem extremely intricate but that’s because my animation is extremely clean and simple. The poem itself is very short and simple so to overcomplicate the story too much by having extremely complicated characters would take away from the storyline. I have a color scheme of black (for some of the type and the silhouettes of the people), blue (for the Aunt’s dress as well as some selected words from the poem, and pink (for the ant eater’s tongue). I wanted a sans-serif typeface that was clean and readable and bold, but not TOO bold. I decided to go with Franklin Gothic Medium, but although I do like this typeface I think I will either use all caps throughout the entire poem or use the small caps option in InDesign. The dots in the top right of the picture are the ants that will be running around wildly in the first scene of the movie!


This is my storyboard for my poem! I explain each scene under each picture. There will only be 4 scenes because there are only 4 lines of the poem.


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