Fantasia Questions

1. The music used in Fantasia really influences the movements in a variety of ways. In some animations the music dictates the feeling of the movie entirely. For example, if there is a fast part in the music then the happenings on-screen are fast as well. Or if the music gets louder or more intense, then so does whatever is happening on-screen. In other situations, the music has no effect on the movie at all. If the music gets faster or slower the animation doesn’t change at all. Even if the music became intense or quiet, the scenes in the movie would not represent that change in music.


2. The chosen graphics really work with the music because they relate the music to things in real life. For example, when there are flutes, usually there is something delicate on the screen like butterflies or birds. In comparison, when there are loud booms or cymbals, usually lightning or some other powerful force is used to interpret the music. If they had done the opposite, it could have the potential to be interesting but it wouldn’t make any sense. Therefore, the chosen graphics work well. Also they take the music and analyze the whole feel of it to create a scenario that fits the music. Like the New York City animation =fits perfectly with the music selection because that specific song relates so well to the city and is commonly connected to that setting. I’m sure in some cases other graphics could be used and would fit nicely as well.


3. Color plays into everything because every color has a different group of emotions and feelings attached to it, and so does music. If the music were loud and angry sounding, a calm and cool blue color would not make as much sense as an angry fiery red would. The colors, mixed with the music, give an intense emotional feel to the animation, which is really important especially when there are no words used. The music can tell a story, but the colors really make it hit home. For example, in the animation about the forest, if that was in black and white the fiery death of the forest and the calm hopeful feel of the girl wouldn’t really be as powerful. But with those colors, you get a feel of not only the setting but also the characters themselves.


4. Alternative angles are used through the animations to give the movies a deeper feeling. Instead of just staying with one point of view, having several different ones kind of makes the viewer feel like they’re immersed in the animation. Like that they’re actually there. Every animation has a different mix of angle movement depending on what is going on in the movie.


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