Senior Seminar & Portfolio

A little me time

So the first things to do when branding yourself is to come up with your own personal logo and start planning your own portfolio website.

I’ve always loved logo design and I’ve tried many times to come up with my own logo and I’ve found that there’s nothing more difficult than trying to brand yourself. It takes forever, for me at least, to come up with something to represent myself. So, with that being said, after hours of racking my brain I came up with a handful of logo ideas. Some are decent, some are horrible, some are a little out there but hey! that’s what brainstorming is for!!

Photo Jan 31, 12 04 45 PM

Seeing as how my last name is “Locks” I kind of focused on that and have a lot of lock related logo ideas. I can’t decide if it’s clever to work my last name into my logo design or if it’s too cliche and over done by now.

After sketching these, I brought them into the computer and started tweaking them as well as coming up with a few new ideas.


My favorite animal is the octopus and so I also tried working that into my personal logo as well. While researching I’ve noticed that a lot of people, especially lately, have been using their name/initials to create their logos and while I do like that style maybe having an image or something other than letters as my logo will set me apart.

Aside from logo design, I began creating a mind map to layout how I want my website to look.


I thought that having a hand drawn mind map instead of a digital one would add a touch of personalization to it. I also found that it’s much easier to get my thoughts out when actually writing/drawing instead of just typing it out on the computer. I want my website to consist of 5 different pages. A page for each web design, print design, illustrations, about, and contact. I feel that including my illustrations into my portfolio site will be a good asset because it will show my versatility and ability to create things not only on the computer but by hand as well.

I found that creating this mind map actually did help me organize my thoughts and ideas about how the website should be broken up and what not but I feel that I don’t have a lot of information to actually organize. So either I did this all wrong or sometimes there’s just not that much information!


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