Mobile Interaction Design

My Personas UX Posters Redone!

After having critique in class for our Personas UX posters I gained some really great criticism. While my poster did indeed look like a personas ux poster, it was more a nice layout of large graphics than an informative poster. It lacked filling but had a nice outer layer of decorative icing.

So after brainstorming and researching more of what I could do to enhance my personas poster I went back to the drawing board and concocted some layout ideas. Having more information to fill the layout with was both a good and bad thing. It was good because it gave me more to work with and helped make my poster feel less empty. It was harder though because I still wanted to keep many of the things I had in my previous design and having loads of more things to work into the design made it complicated to keep what I wanted to keep.

In the end I am proud of my design and hope that it makes up for what was lacking last time around. ImageImage


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