Mobile Interaction Design

User Research Documentation

In order to get a better idea of how to start redesigning my app, I had to gather information about how others, besides myself, feel about the app in the first place. To do this I sat three people down separately and had them explore the app on their own while verbally narrating what they were doing and how they were feeling while I took notes. After this I interviewed them and asked them a few questions such as if they thought the app was useful, if they thought it was valuable to them, if they thought it was visually appealing, etc.

After gathering all of the data I designed a layout that would be able to inform me clearly of how they felt about the app and in what ways they think it should change. This step is important in the redesign process because while I might not like some aspects of the app, others may feel differently about it and I am attempting to redesign this app with the public in mind, not just me.





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