Mobile Interaction Design

App Wireframes

In order to create my redesigned app, I had to first come up with the layout of what it would look like. To do this I had to create wireframes of each screen that showed a generalized idea of what the app will look like.

The wireframes had to have enough information on them to show what each screen would look like/accomplish while not having any specific colors, details, images, etc. They are really just a building block from which I can revise, reinvent, and further develop my ideas while testing them out in a realistic design.

I chose to keep my color palette the same as the one I used for my personas layouts. I felt that keeping the color scheme the same would aid in unifying the many different parts of this redesign process.

My wireframes are accompanied by notes and gesture icons to further help explain how the app will run. This allows the user to not only see how the app will look, but gives them an idea of how the app will work.



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