Senior Seminar & Portfolio

L is for Lauren

After class critique and discussing a few of my previous logo ideas with friends I decided to abandon my original sketches. I wanted something that was personal. Something that I could explain and have the viewer say “Oh! Very clever!” So I decided to do some soul searching and figure out what I really like. Not just anything though. Something original, unique, something that would make a cool and authentic logo while still relating back to me.

So, after laying down and looking at the back of my eyelids I decided I should use my favorite animal to represent me: the octopus. I have always loved them and I think they’re the most magnificently intelligent and beautiful creatures of them all and I felt that having an octopus as my logo would represent me well. I wanted it to be different though, and still tie directly back to me even if someone was unaware of my love for these animals.

The next step, after deciding upon a general direction for my logo, was to start sketching, sketching, sketching. Finally, after my arm was getting sore from drawing/erasing so much, I settled upon the idea of having a tentacle in the shape of an “L.”


Photo Feb 13, 5 10 34 PM Photo Feb 13, 5 25 23 PM



Figuring out a general idea was great, but perfecting (as best as possible) the details of what I wanted took a great deal of time as well. But finally, after messing around with the general shape and size a million times, I was happy with my final sketch.


Photo Feb 13, 8 21 04 PM


This meant that the next step would be illustrator where I would upload my sketch and use it as a template to work off of to create my vector logo. After many hours of anchor points and handle adjusting I wound up with the following image as my finished logo and I was, and still am, extremely please by how it turned out as well as how close to my original idea it came.




I wanted my logo to look good while small, but also have some minute detail within it for when it became larger. So, to create this detail that wouldn’t hinder the design of the logo when small I created the different sized suction cups along the tentacle, with smaller lines within them to add depth and detail. I chose the blue color because not only is blue my favorite color but it represents the sea, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth; all of which I hold in high regard.

Overall, I really love this logo and after placing it on a stationary mock-up I love it even more!




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