Senior Seminar & Portfolio

More Octo-logo Ideas

SO, due to unfortunate circumstances, I decided against using my beloved “L” tentacle as my logo. Even though I had to scrap the “L” idea doesn’t mean I scrapped the entire octopus idea though!! I went back to the drawing board and decided to sketch up a few more logo designs that would add a bit more personality to my branding. After many different ideas I came up with a couple that I thought were good ones and started to sketch them out.

My first idea was to have an octopus with a snorkel and goggles on peering through the water. I thought it would be a cute take on it by having the snorkel and goggles incorporated. My second idea was to have that same octopus peering out of a pool of his own ink with his tentacles visible in some areas to create a bit of unseen, but assumed, depth.


Sketching both of these was, honestly, much easier than I expected. I had a very solid and detailed vision of what I wanted these specific designs to look like and transferring them from my mind to paper proved to be an easy task. The next step was to recreate them both in illustrator:


I wanted to keep a relatively cool (temperature wise) color palette while not being completely without any warmth so I chose a light yet bold purple that had a bit of magenta in it while balancing it with the coolish blue and a warm yellow in the goggles and snorkel. While I really enjoy them both as illustrations, I felt that neither really worked as my personal logo. I felt that they were cute, young looking, and likable but brought out no other emotion in the view except for “aw.” Perhaps with more work and tweaking I could make them become usable as a logo but I felt that they were both a lost cause for my personal branding at this current moment and decided to abandon them before I finished the second octopus design. I don’t regret this decision at all and I am happy I didn’t waste any more time trying to perfect these ideas.



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