Senior Seminar & Portfolio

Got Ink?

Because I didn’t like my last two ideas for my logo design it was back to brainstorming for ideas! Like most of my grandest ideas though, this one came to me in the shower! I was wringing out my hair and then it hit me!!


I thought that having a tentacle wringing itself out with (what would be later added to the sketch) ink dripping down from it. Going directly back to my first logo idea of the tentacle “L,” I wanted to use the same kind of style with this logo, just a different concept. I enjoyed this idea because it combined my love of octopodes and my creativity into a clever and unique logo. The only downside? A tad creepy. While sketching it out I felt that it had major potential but once I got it into Illustrator, my opinion unfortunately changed.



While, again, I really enjoy this idea as an illustration, and will probably turn this into a true illustration when I find some free time, I didn’t think it worked as my personal logo. It’s not as obvious of an idea to some people as it is to me and having the message of my logo become lost on viewers is not acceptable. It also relates to me in no ways except for the fact that it is an octopus but the idea of having ink wrung out of it implies nothing about me as a designer. I don’t regret leaving this piece behind for this project but I think it would make a very interesting, and weird, illustration one day!


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