Senior Seminar & Portfolio

Lock + s = Locks

This is the one!

So, even though my last ideas weren’t what I wanted as my logo, the concept still stuck with me. My name is definitely the most representational thing about who I am. It was simply how I used my name that mattered.

I thought for a long time about how people always call me by my last name, “Locks.” It’s been happening for years and I’m actually really fond of it. As you can see in my earliest sketches of logo ideas I had many lock and keyhole sketches but decided to go with the octopus route instead. After brainstorming for cool lock or keyhole designs, I wrote a list of things I wanted my logo to be. The list consisted of a few things like clarity, simplicity, authenticity, and it had to be interesting and clever.

I was messing around with a lock graphic I had made when I realized that it doesn’t actually say “locks” it simply says “lock” if I have a lock as my logo; I would have to add an “S” to it for it to be correct. And thus, my first draft of my logo was born:


I love this. With all my heart. I think it is eye-catching, clever, simple, and memorable. I think it represents me well. I think it can be used anywhere. I think it’s perfect….except for the fact that it makes some peoples eyes go cross.

This sad realization led me to keeping the logo but simply altering the psychedelic effect:


I decided to use this green because I felt that it was bold and just enough between green and yellow-green to not be considered vomit colored while still being an uncommon color green. I think this design is much more simplistic to look at than the other one simply because of the lack of the effect. While I enjoy this logo, due to changes in my resume, I decided to change my logo to:



This logo, by itself, looks mildly childish but I honestly don’t hate that. It seems young, fun, clever, and excited. I am all (at least I hope I am) of these things and I feel proud to have this logo represent me. I think through my entire logo adventure of starting over and over again I really changed my logo for the better and I’m excited to use this design on my work.


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