Senior Seminar & Portfolio

My Resume!!

I wanted my resume to be simple and clean while still maintaining a fun and interesting persona. I wanted the viewer to be able to look at it and not be punched in the face with unnecessary graphs, charts, and graphics. Originally, all these things were on my mind, but I don’t think until my final draft did I really make my resume as simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing as possible.



My first draft went along with my first logo. A psychedelic effect applied to many different parts of my layout. I included an image of myself that I illustrated as well as a graph to help display my skills and what exactly I use them for. This layout, while interesting, is too busy and cluttered for a resume. The psychedelic effect, just as with the logo itself, confuses and annoys people. The image of me is, quite frankly, creepy placed in the center of my resume. And the graph isn’t interesting enough for me to keep it there. These feelings led me to my next version!


My second layout was much simpler and cleaner and easier on the eyes. Again though, I felt it was burdened with excess graphics. I had too much whitespace in the bottom right hand corner and I attempted to fill it up with something but the graphic looks odd and unnecessary on the page. I liked the graph I created but felt that it needed to be altered somehow in order to make it more clear to the viewer. I also felt that my work experience and my freelance experience should go under one section.



My third version got an entire makeover. I took away the grey background and gave some life to my resume. I kept things simple and organized, kept the graph because I thought it was clever, and brought my logo down to the bottom of the page. While I like the concept, I felt that the graph had to go. I knew that I liked it but I felt that it wasn’t necessary as a design element and overcomplicated a very simple thing. I also felt that I should elaborate more on my work experiences.


This is my final logo. I took away the graph, expanded my explanation of my time at my places of work, and I created a light and simple layout that allows the page to breathe. I think that this is the best design out of the rest that I have created and I thoroughly enjoy this design.


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