Mobile Interaction Design

Where to begin?

The first step in designing an app is to decide upon what kind of app you want to create. When faced with this decision it truly is difficult to pinpoint one idea when simply opening the app store shows you hundreds of app ideas already made. So, to start off my brainstorming adventure I took a look at my phone, as well as the phones of some friends, and looked at what kind of apps they had. What kind of tools they use on the daily to help simplify their lives. Then I decided to think of what problems or difficulties occur in the day to day lives of students and working adults. I was at a loss until the idea of group projects hit me. Group projects, to anyone who has ever been forced to partake in one, are the bane of college students existence. They are the most dreaded of projects and if faced with a choice between a 10 page paper and a group project, I’d have to start stretching out my hands because they’d be in for a long period of typing. When bringing this idea up to fellow students they all agreed that group projects are so difficult and that if there was an app to simplify things then it would be on their phones immediately. This gave me the encouragement to stick with my idea. When researching my group project app idea I found that there were already a handful of apps that would help. Originality is hard to come by but authenticity is just as important so I decided to take my ideas (that weren’t already included in an app) and some of the apps already created and morph them together to create an authentic, all purposeful, group project app. My app would be for group projects from grade school to the working world that everyone could use. It would have several different artboards to allow for several different projects to be worked on at one time, it would have a whiteboard with different tools to allow the users/group members to brainstorm visually and effectively with each other, it would have a chat window where the user could chat with their group, specific group members, or other people they are grouped with in separate projects. The app would also allow you to send and receive files and make video calls to aid in the communication between group members.

Research for group app


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