Senior Seminar & Portfolio


Senior Seminar & Portfolio

Business Cards + Mockup! This is getting real…



This is my mockup of my business cards and my resume!! I wanted my business cards to be bright and lively and I decided that I should have a bunch with each color from my resume. I think that this really makes my business cards pop out among others and I think that it ties them to my resume very well. I am very proud of my resume and business cards and I think that I accomplished everything I wanted to for both of them.

Senior Seminar & Portfolio

My Resume!!

I wanted my resume to be simple and clean while still maintaining a fun and interesting persona. I wanted the viewer to be able to look at it and not be punched in the face with unnecessary graphs, charts, and graphics. Originally, all these things were on my mind, but I don’t think until my final draft did I really make my resume as simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing as possible.



My first draft went along with my first logo. A psychedelic effect applied to many different parts of my layout. I included an image of myself that I illustrated as well as a graph to help display my skills and what exactly I use them for. This layout, while interesting, is too busy and cluttered for a resume. The psychedelic effect, just as with the logo itself, confuses and annoys people. The image of me is, quite frankly, creepy placed in the center of my resume. And the graph isn’t interesting enough for me to keep it there. These feelings led me to my next version!


My second layout was much simpler and cleaner and easier on the eyes. Again though, I felt it was burdened with excess graphics. I had too much whitespace in the bottom right hand corner and I attempted to fill it up with something but the graphic looks odd and unnecessary on the page. I liked the graph I created but felt that it needed to be altered somehow in order to make it more clear to the viewer. I also felt that my work experience and my freelance experience should go under one section.



My third version got an entire makeover. I took away the grey background and gave some life to my resume. I kept things simple and organized, kept the graph because I thought it was clever, and brought my logo down to the bottom of the page. While I like the concept, I felt that the graph had to go. I knew that I liked it but I felt that it wasn’t necessary as a design element and overcomplicated a very simple thing. I also felt that I should elaborate more on my work experiences.


This is my final logo. I took away the graph, expanded my explanation of my time at my places of work, and I created a light and simple layout that allows the page to breathe. I think that this is the best design out of the rest that I have created and I thoroughly enjoy this design.

Senior Seminar & Portfolio

Lock + s = Locks

This is the one!

So, even though my last ideas weren’t what I wanted as my logo, the concept still stuck with me. My name is definitely the most representational thing about who I am. It was simply how I used my name that mattered.

I thought for a long time about how people always call me by my last name, “Locks.” It’s been happening for years and I’m actually really fond of it. As you can see in my earliest sketches of logo ideas I had many lock and keyhole sketches but decided to go with the octopus route instead. After brainstorming for cool lock or keyhole designs, I wrote a list of things I wanted my logo to be. The list consisted of a few things like clarity, simplicity, authenticity, and it had to be interesting and clever.

I was messing around with a lock graphic I had made when I realized that it doesn’t actually say “locks” it simply says “lock” if I have a lock as my logo; I would have to add an “S” to it for it to be correct. And thus, my first draft of my logo was born:


I love this. With all my heart. I think it is eye-catching, clever, simple, and memorable. I think it represents me well. I think it can be used anywhere. I think it’s perfect….except for the fact that it makes some peoples eyes go cross.

This sad realization led me to keeping the logo but simply altering the psychedelic effect:


I decided to use this green because I felt that it was bold and just enough between green and yellow-green to not be considered vomit colored while still being an uncommon color green. I think this design is much more simplistic to look at than the other one simply because of the lack of the effect. While I enjoy this logo, due to changes in my resume, I decided to change my logo to:



This logo, by itself, looks mildly childish but I honestly don’t hate that. It seems young, fun, clever, and excited. I am all (at least I hope I am) of these things and I feel proud to have this logo represent me. I think through my entire logo adventure of starting over and over again I really changed my logo for the better and I’m excited to use this design on my work.

Senior Seminar & Portfolio

Hello drawingboard, it’s nice to see you again!

Well a new week a new idea for my personal logo! This time I went a whole new route. Forget the octopi and leave the ocean behind! This time I decided that what I really wanted was something that truly represented me. While octopodes do have some personality traits and I would like my logo to embody, I felt that it wasn’t a good representation of who I am. And after not coming up with any ideas after far too long of a time, it finally dawned on me that one thing that definitely represents me is my name!! I didn’t want it in to be just a typeface that could be downloaded by anyone, though, I wanted it to be hand rendered and created by me. I wanted it to be bold but not too bold and decorative while still modern. My sketches led me to this:


and then, when cleaned up a bit and redrawn with sharpie, this:



As you can see, I didn’t finish the sketch because midway through I stepped back and took a look at it and really felt nothing at all. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but because of that it felt unusable.

After this I kind of gave up on sketching for a bit and decided to take my mind to Illustrator and see what I could come up with! I still had the idea of using my name on my mind but instead of using my full name, I decided to use just my initials instead.




There’s not much to say about these logos except that I don’t love them. I really enjoy the style and I think it would look very cool on a piece of paper but like times before, it says nothing about me. I want my logo to be able to give the viewer a little taste of my personality and these are bland and contain no personalities at all. So, while they’re interesting graphics, I can’t use them as my logo.

Senior Seminar & Portfolio

Got Ink?

Because I didn’t like my last two ideas for my logo design it was back to brainstorming for ideas! Like most of my grandest ideas though, this one came to me in the shower! I was wringing out my hair and then it hit me!!


I thought that having a tentacle wringing itself out with (what would be later added to the sketch) ink dripping down from it. Going directly back to my first logo idea of the tentacle “L,” I wanted to use the same kind of style with this logo, just a different concept. I enjoyed this idea because it combined my love of octopodes and my creativity into a clever and unique logo. The only downside? A tad creepy. While sketching it out I felt that it had major potential but once I got it into Illustrator, my opinion unfortunately changed.



While, again, I really enjoy this idea as an illustration, and will probably turn this into a true illustration when I find some free time, I didn’t think it worked as my personal logo. It’s not as obvious of an idea to some people as it is to me and having the message of my logo become lost on viewers is not acceptable. It also relates to me in no ways except for the fact that it is an octopus but the idea of having ink wrung out of it implies nothing about me as a designer. I don’t regret leaving this piece behind for this project but I think it would make a very interesting, and weird, illustration one day!

Senior Seminar & Portfolio

More Octo-logo Ideas

SO, due to unfortunate circumstances, I decided against using my beloved “L” tentacle as my logo. Even though I had to scrap the “L” idea doesn’t mean I scrapped the entire octopus idea though!! I went back to the drawing board and decided to sketch up a few more logo designs that would add a bit more personality to my branding. After many different ideas I came up with a couple that I thought were good ones and started to sketch them out.

My first idea was to have an octopus with a snorkel and goggles on peering through the water. I thought it would be a cute take on it by having the snorkel and goggles incorporated. My second idea was to have that same octopus peering out of a pool of his own ink with his tentacles visible in some areas to create a bit of unseen, but assumed, depth.


Sketching both of these was, honestly, much easier than I expected. I had a very solid and detailed vision of what I wanted these specific designs to look like and transferring them from my mind to paper proved to be an easy task. The next step was to recreate them both in illustrator:


I wanted to keep a relatively cool (temperature wise) color palette while not being completely without any warmth so I chose a light yet bold purple that had a bit of magenta in it while balancing it with the coolish blue and a warm yellow in the goggles and snorkel. While I really enjoy them both as illustrations, I felt that neither really worked as my personal logo. I felt that they were cute, young looking, and likable but brought out no other emotion in the view except for “aw.” Perhaps with more work and tweaking I could make them become usable as a logo but I felt that they were both a lost cause for my personal branding at this current moment and decided to abandon them before I finished the second octopus design. I don’t regret this decision at all and I am happy I didn’t waste any more time trying to perfect these ideas.