Mobile Interaction Design

Paper Prototype for GROUPCAP

To ensure that my UI/UX actually works well when faced with a real live user; I created a paper prototype of my app and asked a friend to test it out. I asked her several questions throughout the video, like what she thought she would have to do next in order to get to a specific page or what she would want to do next if she were truly using the app.

While asking her these questions I was also explaining the different things on the page and giving her a general idea of how the app would be useful in groups. She was very interested and from the start and asked several great questions and made some equally great critiques.

Overall she felt that the app was extremely easy to use while offering a solution to a problem that everyone has to deal with when in groups: communication. She commented that the video calling was a really useful tool because sometimes, especially in stressful situations, it’s just way easier to talk to someone face-to-face than via technology. If you can’t physically be with a person then video calling is the next best thing to face-to-face and she was glad I included that in my design.

I think that this went over really well and I am extremely pleased with her response to my app design.



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